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Racism, a Global Enemy

Racism plagued the world centuries ago but still prevails in society today, present in every facet of life. The world has long witnessed innumerable events which contribute to the ever-growing hill of global racism, yet mindsets, racist ideologies are yet to change. To understand the meaning of race, one has to understand power. It is the powerful who have shaped the idea of race and continue to shape it, consciously or unconsciously.

When it comes to basic human behaviour, the foundation of human demeanour, as well as one's psychology, is still infected. The ruthless murders of several black individuals, such as George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, this year sparked nationwide protests in the United States and several other countries, which is extremely important to get the message across, but the reach is still limited.

It is a fact that racism is global, racism still exists in every single country in the world. The foundations of our modern world were built upon the system 'othering' each other. Racism is so embedded in our languages that most people nowadays use extremely derogatory racist slurs unknowingly, for them it’s normal conversation. Without having a proper understanding of racism, understanding how it can impact one’s feelings, one’s life, it is impossible to eradicate it. After all, it’s not a few apples that are bad but it’s the whole tree that’s infected and we must start working on the roots.

I conducted a survey to which 46 students and a few adults replied. Out of that, 83% said that they have never learned about racism as a separate topic in school and/ or college – this needs to change. One’s upbringing and culture have a lot to do with what they think, this includes fostering racist beliefs and preconceptions. I myself have been surrounded by individuals who use racist slurs and pass racist comments in normal conversations.

We must understand what creates preconceptions amongst people regarding race. Fairness and whitening creams still exist. Such products make coloured kids feel lesser about themselves, at least it did to me for a while. It is difficult to put an end to something without first addressing the core issues, the main sprouting points of the problem such as the tendency of othering and dehumanization. Our system struggles to spread awareness and teach us about racism and equality.

Radical reformations are required to eradicate racism; it sounds impossible but with proper methodologies and a systematic change, it is not. We need to work towards first ending the systemic racism present across multiple avenues. People who are racist are not to be deemed evil, they are conditioned to think the way they think, they are mere subscribers to the rotten system that promotes superiority and inferiority.

There should be an international multipronged response for the eradication of racism and we must start by changing these particular aspects: textbooks, stories, fables, advertisements and much more. The concept of one skin colour and much more being greater, more beautiful, more likeable than others must be changed. Racism nowadays comes in a plethora of disguises, it's hard to recognize it because we have normalized it.

Racism is woven into the fabric of our society. Mindsets and systems cannot be changed overnight, but change is required. Awareness, education, complete eradication of racially discriminatory aspects of textbooks, advertisements, beauty products and more, are necessary. There should also be more interracial get-togethers, especially for children and make one understand equality from the nursery level. Societal reformation is required. Race is, after all, a social construct with no basis in biology and so, with proper methods, it can be made into a thing of the past.

Some relevant resources to better understand racism, news and for better educating yourself:


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