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about me

I, an 18 year old, was born in the small town of Santiniketan in Bengal. I spent my early years in Santiniketan, imbibing the culture and aesthetic atmosphere of the place (Santiniketan was the place where Rabindranath Tagore spent the last four decades of his life and created an educational institution). Later shifting to Dehradun, I spent around four years in the Himalayan valley before finally moving to Delhi, where I've been for the past 7 years. Seemingly, I spent a lot of my life migrating to different places with my parents. 


The exposure to different cultures within India has instilled in me an awareness of the society and country I live in – a patchwork of a myriad identities and beliefs. I take deep interest in politics and photography with history being an area of fascination. I love discussing a variety of topics, especially current affairs!


The world has countless stories, and I like to explore some of them through this blog.


Unlike other blogs, I will not be writing about one particular subject or topic, rather my posts will be about things that interest me, things that are usually uncommon. As I am still in the process of learning and growing, I shall be typing down my opinions, ideas and thoughts on new topics, new areas and different subjects to be able to better understand the world around me. 

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